The use of these last two products was essential to meet the parameters set by the Passive House certification. According to these indicators, in fact, it is necessary that the temperature measured under the insulating panels does not exceed 70 ° C; moreover, the surface finish must have a reflection index higher than 25, which is impossible to achieve with a traditional product, especially in the case of dark colours.

The application of the thermal smoothing paste based on Aerogel and the heat-reflective finish made it possible to successfully complete the innovative construction site.

At the end of the application system, the probe placed under the insulating panels detected a temperature of 55.8 ° C (against the allowed 70 ° C).

Thermo-Gum, with the application of a white coat and two coats of RAL 7016 finish.




Cesena (Italy)


Use of Thermo-Paint inside and the thermo efficient ThermoFlex Restore system outside


Inside Nano-Fix and Thermo-Paint; outside Thermo-Coll and Thermo-Gum