The Company

Nanotech inside® is a division of Barozzi Group that produces certified, water-based and low-VOC-certified, thermal-reflecting products that ensure significant living comfort and significant energy efficiency, thanks to the use of nanotechnologies. Nanotech inside® represents the most advanced expression of the research and development activity promoted by the group’s laboratories.


One of the major players on the market

Nanotech inside® researchers use specific molecules to improve in a sensible way the properties of the painting materials:

  • hydrophobic properties
  • hydrophilic properties
  • antibacterial properties 
  • antimould properties 
  • mechanical resistance
  • reflection of solar radiation

Thanks to constant research and innovation, Nanotech inside® has become, in a short period of time, one of the major players on the market.


How does nanotechnology works?

Thanks to the application of nano-structured, heat-reflective products (for both outdoor and indoor use), the reflection of thermal radiation prevents the supporting material from overheating and the heat from being absorbed inside the building in Summer.

Inside the building fresh air spreads evenly and is better preserved during Summer, while in Winter the heat generated is retained longer.

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