Thermoflex Restore

ThermoFlex Restore is a maintenance and restoration programme for old external insulation systems that are still in good conditions and still provide good adhesion but need to be freshened up. Proper maintenance prolongs the life cycle of the insulation system. The same products can be used also on new external insulation systems or traditional façades.

The purpose is to reduce the thermal and mechanical stress of the substrate and improve decrement delay by protecting surfaces with smoothing compounds and finishing materials that have high values of solar reflectance, emissivity and SRI. Since these materials reduce considerably the external surface temperature, the internal temperature also decreases, thus improving indoor comfort and, at the same time, reducing energy consumption.

In addition, the high hydrophobicity of the materials allows the walls to remain dry and therefore more thermally efficient, especially in winter, thanks also to the thermal pad given by the innovative smoothing pastes based on Aerogel.

Low-thickness, thermo-efficient cycle

Applicable from 3 to 8 mm, it solves facade thickness-related problems

Improvement of summer thermal phase clearance

Improvement of thermal phase clearance and attenuation phase thanks to the heat buffer provided by the combination of aerogel-based, heat-insulating skimming plaster with finishing heat-reflective varnishes

Restoration and maintenance

Option of using high-performance products in renovation works, as well as benefiting from tax relief


Improved living comfort for a heat efficient home all year round


Reduction of summer and winter energy use


The application cycle

In the preliminary stage the existing substrate is accurately assessed and prepared to determine the proper solution. The next step involves coring on the façade and checking the adhesion of the insulation system to the substrate, dowelling and smoothing (mesh and covering). The proposed levels of intervention will vary depending on the state of conservation.


Restoration: new smoothing treatment and heat-reflecting finishing

The cycle consists of applying the smoothing compound Thermo-Coll and a mesh (a 70-80 g/m2 glass fibre mesh can be added to improve mechanical performance) and the finishing product of the THERMOline range for interiors.

Preparing the substrate

 if there is mould, apply one coat of Lindostop, a ready-to-use, anti-mould and antifouling treatment for exterior walls. It is particularly recommended for surfaces covered in algae and moss to eliminate bacteria and spores that could not be removed through mechanical scraping.

Once the substrate has dried, after 24 hours, apply Nanofix

a nanoemulsion-based fixative with high-penetration properties to consolidate the substrate surface.

Apply Thermo-Coll

an innovative smoothing paste, with highly insulating properties, which can be used for vertical walls. Thanks to its characteristics, by applying two coats (or more, if necessary), it forms a thin insulating layer which can: resolve thermal bridges issues, reduce energy loss, reduce thermal and mechanical stress of the substrate surfaces, improve thermal transmittance (lower U value) and decrement delay.


as final step, a coat of Thermo-Coat can be applied. Thermo-Coat is water-repellent, anti-algae, heat-reflecting, siloxane plaster. It is highly resistant to weather and it is available in strong colours which have good reflectance values. Thermo-Coat improves energy optimization in buildings and thermal insulation and, thanks to energy saving, helps lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It is the optimum finishing solution for external thermal insulation systems because, compared to traditional plaster, provides high strength and stronger resistance to shocks. To achieve an even effect, it is advisable to apply one coat of white Nano-Therm before applying Thermo-Coat.

  • As an alternative, the final step could be a smooth finishing solution, either three coats of Thermo-Gum or three coats of Nano-Therm. Thermo-Gum is nanostructured water-based paint, is heat reflecting, has good elasticity, is water-repellent and anti-algae. Nano-Therm is water paint based on modified siloxane resin, is thermal-insulating, heat reflecting, breathable, water-repellent, anti-algae and has a low VOCs content.

*Before deciding on an application cycle, please consult our technical datasheets and our staff to verify the actual suitability case by case.