Finishing for external thermal insulation systems

This programme is ideal for the protection and the exterior finishing of external thermal insulation systems, where, in addition to the aesthetic look of the plaster, a long-lasting protection is required. Thanks to its heat-reflective properties, it improves energy optimization in buildings and the performance of the insulation system and, by saving energy, it helps lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

This finishing is highly resistant to weather and it is available in strong colours, which also have high solar reflectance and high emissivity.

Fields of application:  houses and other buildings, etc.

High solar reflectance, emissivity and SRI finishes

Compared to traditional heat-absorbing roofs, heat-reflective paints applied to roofs reflect solar radiation, lower surface temperature and prevent indoor overheating

Indoor comfort

Nanotech inside® paints prevent indoor overheating and make any living and working environment comfortable and cool, preventing the risk of “hot head” syndrome

Energy and cost savings

The significant reduction in the use of air conditioning systems for cooling purposes means tangible energy savings, as well as reduced energy bills.
As a result, CO2 atmospheric emissions are reduced

Protection of roofing materials

The protective action of Nanotech inside® reduces summer thermal stresses, due to continuous expansion and shrinking of building materials, prolonging the life of sheathing layers. They are marked by excellent waterproofing features


Nanotech inside® cool roof products counteract the negative effects of urban heat islands and are an effective tool for combatting global warming




In order to remove detaching paint, dirt, dust, smog, etc., use a hot water high-pressure washer equipped with a rotating nozzle to clean the surfaces to be treated. Keep a reasonable distance while using the washer.

The plaster or concrete support must be completely dry and brushed. Take all necessary precautions for the support to be in suitable conditions.

In case of algae, apply an antimould detergent and Lindostop, anti-mould and antifouling treatment. Take all necessary precautions for the support to be in suitable conditions.

Support consolidation

If necessary, after 24 hours, apply one coat of Nanofix, a nanoemulsion-based fixative with high-penetration properties to consolidate the substrate.


Once the substrate has dried, apply one coat of the pigmented base Nano-Therm, heat-reflective nanostructured water-repellent water-based paint with good elasticity. The colour should be the same as the finishing chosen by the customer.


After 6/8 hours, apply one coat of Thermo-Coat, water-repellent, anti-algae, heat-reflecting, siloxane plaster.

*Before deciding on an application cycle, please consult our technical datasheets and our staff to verify the actual suitability case by case.