In this section we have collected a series of frequently asked questions and answers regarding the advantages, characteristics, quality and unique performance of Nanotech inside® products.

What are nanotechnologies and how do they work in paints? What are the benefits compared to traditional paints?

Nanotechnology is a branch of applied science that deals with the control of matter on a dimensional scale under a nanometre. In the field of paints and coatings, the decrease in molecule size, optimises molecule distribution in the product, which means it is now possible to significantly enhance the properties of traditional paints and coatings. In addition to exceptional solar reflectance performance, the technology also improves antibacterial, hydrophobic, hydrophilic properties, as well as resistance to dirt absorption, resistance to weather aggression, mechanical resistance and durability over time.

What range of products and solutions does Barozzi offer?

Thanks to the use of this revolutionary technology, Barozzi Group has created five product lines in the Nanotech inside® range:

Thermo-Line: heat-reflective paints with high energy efficiency for civil and industrial buildings, and indoor and outdoor use on vertical surfaces.

Cool Materials: special products for roofs and roof coverings (so-called “cool roof” treatments) capable of reflecting part of sunlight radiation and reducing the surface temperature compared to that of a traditional roof treatment. “Cool roof” technology may be used on different types of materials found in the roofing of industrial buildings, homes, warehouses, containers, silos, farms, terraces and garages, etc.

Smart Coatings: is the range of smart nanotechnology products other than paints and coatings – for everyday applications: you can find antistatic, odour-absorbing and self-cleaning treatments.

Topline: is the complementary line that uses nanotechnology to solve specific problems in the building industry – for painting, cleaning and protecting and making any kind of surface water-repellent and photocatalytic, anti-corrosive and anti-stain, with high-level performance, while respecting the environment, employing a range of products. Thanks to nanotechnology, all surfaces also become resistant to mould, dirt, rust, graffiti and smog.

Additional Items: products for preparing substrates for Nanotech inside® treatments.

Is the heat reflective paint for outdoor use also insulating? Can it replace the external insulation system or other insulating systems?

Heat-reflective paints are exactly that: they reflect heat; they are not insulating. The use of special paints with high solar reflectance, emissivity and SRI values mean that less energy is absorbed, and surface temperature is kept lower than that of a traditional coating; in this way, building façades do not overheat and living comfort inside the treated building will be considerably enhanced.

Heat-reflecting products bring a significant benefit in summer but cannot replace the action of an external insulation system in winter.

Are the products also useful in winter?

In winter, high hydrophobicity, and therefore high water repellency of the materials, means walls remain dry and therefore more heat efficient. A dry wall transfers less cold air inside buildings.

What products exist for interiors, and what effect do they have?

For interiors, Nanotech inside® has created Thermo-Paint. Thanks to this product, applied indoors, in the summer, coolness is uniform, and rooms stay cooler for longer, while in the winter, the heat generated by the heating system stays inside the building for longer.

Can your Thermo-Coll skim coat replace an external insulation system?

Thermo-Coll, the innovative Airgel-based smoothing paste, is not a substitute for an external insulation system: a few millimetres of product cannot replace the action provided by several centimetres of insulating material. Thermo-Coll may be used in all those cases where thicknesses prevent the use of traditional insulating systems, or it may be used as a heat-efficient solution for the maintenance and restoration of old external insulating systems. Thanks to its features, applied in thicknesses from 3 to 8 mm as needed, it creates a thin insulating layer capable of: reducing thermal bridges, mitigating thermal dispersion and thermal and mechanical stresses of the underlying materials, improving thermal transmittance (reduction of the U value ) and the attenuation phase. You need to remember that, as a smoothing coating compound, Thermo-Coll needs an overcoat of a heat-reflecting finishing product, when on the outside, or a nanotechnological water-based paint for indoor applications.

Visit the section dedicated to our thermal insulation cycles for more information:

How much do products cost and where can I buy Barozzi products?

To receive a quote or find the dealer closest to you, contact us at the e-mail address: info@barozzigroup.com or call+ 39 (0)386 46327.

What are the advantages in terms of energy efficiency of Nanotech inside® products?

Depending on climate, the type of building and the surface treated, there is a range of performances: from a 45% reduction in air conditioning costs in extremely hot climates, such as in Dubai, to a drastic reduction in the temperature of the roof-space (-11.5°C in summer and -7°C in spring) of an industrial warehouse in the Italian province of Pavia for storing goods and for the wellbeing of workers.

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Certifications and tax relief in Italy: CAM certification (Ministry of the Environment Minimum Environmental Standards), building façades tax deduction and Ecobonus (renovation and upgrade tax deduction)

Nanotech inside® products – CAM certified and compliant with EU regulations – may be used in building renovations or upgrade works for obtaining the 110% Eco bonus tax deduction, the 90% building Façade Bonus tax deduction, also on public buildings.

Contact us at our e-mail address: info@barozzigroup.com to receive a customised cycle based on your needs!

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What do you offer in the area of renovation. Tax relief?

All professional sector operators may contact us with confidence to find:   

  • Insulating panels compliant with Italian Ministerial Decree – DM of 11 October 2017 CAM, through ICMQ ISO 14021 Standard certification.
  • Low thickness thermo-efficient systems (3-8 mm) for interiors and exteriors.
  • Heat-reflecting finishes with high solar reflectance, emissivity and SRI values, which offer an additional 10% tangible savings on the electricity bill, thanks to reduced electricity use and better thermal performance in the home in summer, also suitable for roofing.

Furthermore, we offer a full range of materials for the building industry: for exteriors, we offer siloxane and elastomeric cycles, washable quartz and wall coverings; for interiors, we offer professional, washable, breathable and water-repellent water-based paints as well as anti-mould treatments.

Do you have solutions for industrial roofing, both for energy and thermal efficiency performance, and for waterproofing?

Nanotech inside® offers specific heat-reflecting paint cycles for sheathed roofs, skylights and metal roofs, with the aim of protecting surfaces from solar radiation, enhancing the energy efficiency of the buildings treated, and with waterproofing features even in the case of stagnant water. A precondition to such performances is, however, that surfaces are required not to show serious damage or significant infiltrations.

Visit the section dedicated to heat reflective cycles to discover the full range of solutions.

Are the products in the Nanotech inside® line only available in white or is it possible to have them coloured?

Most of the Nanotech inside® products are also available in a range of colours. Thanks to the use of special pigments capable of reflecting solar radiation, it is possible to create  multiple colour options and customised colours both for interiors and exteriors, with excellent resistance to light and atmospheric agents and the alkaline action of substrates.

If necessary, very dark colours with a reflection index higher than 25 may also be made up.

Can the same Nanotech inside® product be applied to any surface?

Each product has specific properties optimised for a certain type of support. The range of nanotechnological products is divided according to the different intended uses of the materials:

  • Internal and external vertical walls (usually on new or already painted mineral substrate)
  • Horizontal surfaces (roofs), which instead may be covered with bituminous sheaths, synthetic sheaths in TPO or PVC, sandwich-panel, polycarbonate, fiberglass, plexiglass, bent tiles, tiles, concrete, galvanised or pre-painted sheet, which obviously need to be properly prepared, depending on the degree of wear.

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