Thermo Restore for interiors​

Thermo Restore for interiors is an energy efficient maintenance and restoration programme for interior walls.

Its purpose is to reduce energy loss through walls. Smoothing and finishing materials all deliver outstanding performance (low emissivity) and guarantee better indoor comfort and a reduction of energy consumption, both in Winter and Summer. This low thickness (3-8 mm) restoration system with certified products also allows to reduce the problems caused by thermal bridges and therefore it acts a barrier to mould, spores and fungi growth and proliferation.

Low-thickness heat-efficient cycle

Applicable from 3 to 8 mm, suitable for consolidating damp walls


Improved living comfort thanks to heat buffer and Thermo-Paint finish. It enhances indoor air quality

Reduction of energy dispersion

Less energy dispersion through walls

Reduced problems caused by thermal bridges

Applying Thermo-Coll creates a thin insulating layer that corrects thermal bridges. Thermo-Paint’s anti-mould properties prevent the proliferation of mould and spores


Reduction of summer and winter energy use


The application cycle

In the preliminary stage the existing substrate is accurately assessed to determine the proper solution. The cycle consists of applying the smoothing compound Thermo-Coll and a mesh (a 70-80 g/m2 glass fibre mesh can be added to improve mechanical performance) and the finishing product of the THERMOline range for interiors.



Preparing the substrate

if there is mould, apply one coat of Lindofix, a ready-to-use, sanitizing, bactericide, fungicide and cleaning treatment, which guarantees clean walls over the long term. It is particularly recommended for surfaces covered in mould to eliminate bacteria and spores that could not be removed through mechanical scraping.

Once the substrate has dried, after 24 hours

 check the adhesion of the already existing paint and plan any necessary plastering and restoring treatments. Afterwards, to consolidate the substrate surface, apply Nanofix, a nanoemulsion-based fixative with high-penetration properties.

Apply Thermo-Coll

 is an innovative smoothing paste, with highly insulating properties, which can be used for vertical walls. Thanks to its characteristics, by applying two coats (or more, if necessary), it forms a thin insulating layer which can: resolve thermal bridges issues, reduce energy loss, reduce thermal and mechanical stress of the substrate surfaces, improve thermal transmittance (lower U value) and decrement delay in summer.


Treatment with Thermo-Paint, a water-based, nanostructured, heat-reflecting, breathable, water-repellent, anti-mould, has highly performing properties and low VOC content. It is available in white and pastel colours. This product has been developed thanks to high technologies and special nanoparticles that reduce energy loss through walls and contribute to the energy optimization of buildings. The paint drastically reduces thermal bridges and therefore prevents mould from growing without using chemical additives. This improves indoor comfort. Thermo-Paint is A+ certified for indoor air emissions according to the standard EN ISO 16000-9 and is also certified as anti-mould paint for interiors according to the standard UNI EN 15457-2014. The use of this special water-based paint together with a mechanical ventilation system guarantees air renewal, humidity control, control of any polluting substance and reduces to a minimum the risk of allergies, rhinitis, neuralgia and other disorders linked to the presence of mould, fine particles and volatile organic compounds.

*Before deciding on an application cycle, please consult our technical datasheets and our staff to verify the actual suitability case by case.

Case history

The interiors of one of these houses have been painted with nanotech products. Which one?

On the house on the right the snow is melting, while, on the house on the left, whose interiors were painted with Thermo-Paint, the snow is not melting because there is less energy and heat loss through the walls.