Nanotech inside® by Barozzi

Innovation has been the core of Barozzi Vernici’s business philosophy since 1904, the year in which the company was founded. Over the years, the company has developed into a more complex structure, the Barozzi Group, which consists of three divisions, including Nanotech inside®. It is focused on research and manufacturing of heat-reflective paint which, thanks to nanotechnology, guarantees significant comfort and energy efficiency.

Thanks to nanoparticles, Barozzi has designed and manufactured a complete range of heat-reflective and highly energy-efficient paints that includes:

  • Thermo-Line: painting products for highly energy-efficient buildings
  • Cool Materials: thermal treatments for cool roofs and industrial roofing
  • Smart Coatings: antistatic, odour-absorbing and self-cleaning treatments
  • Topline: innovative painting solutions
  • Additional Items: complementary products, to be used as preparatory coats for Nanotech inside® treatments

If you are looking for a company that deals with the production and sale of heat-reflecting, breathable paint or water-based paint to improve energy efficiency of your building, contact our company. You will find us in Revere di Borgo Mantovano, next to Mantua.


What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a branch of applied science that deals with the control of matter on a dimensional scale of less than a nanometer.

In the paint products sector, the reduction in size of the molecules involves a change in the structure of matter and this is the reason why we can really create new materials with extraordinary properties….

In addition to the exceptional performance of solar reflection, it also improves resistance to the absorption of dirt, weathering, mechanical and yellowing resistance and it improves hydrophobic properties.

The first reference to nanotechnology (not yet using this term) dates back to the talk given by Richard Feynman in 1959, although the term was coined in 1986 by Kim Eric Drexler, who defined this science as “a technology at the molecular level that will allow us to put every atom where we want it to be positioned.”

Barozzi Group has been exploiting this extraordinary potential and has developed innovative products designed to make us live in the future today.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all our products. You will find us in Borgo Mantovano, next to Mantua.