Heat-reflective paint system for bituminous membrane roofing systems (flat or sloping)​


The purpose is to protect bituminous membranes and roofs in general from solar radiation and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Fields of application: bituminous membrane, smooth or slated, old TPO and PVC, cement, concrete, etc.

High solar reflectance, emissivity and SRI finishes

Compared to traditional heat-absorbing roofs, heat-reflective paints applied to roofs reflect solar radiation, lower surface temperature and prevent indoor overheating

Indoor comfort

Nanotech inside® paints prevent indoor overheating and make any living and working environment comfortable and cool, preventing the risk of “hot head” syndrome

Energy and cost savings

The significant reduction in the use of air conditioning systems for cooling purposes means tangible energy savings, as well as reduced energy bills.
As a result, CO2 atmospheric emissions are reduced

Protection of roofing materials

The protective action of Nanotech inside® reduces summer thermal stresses, due to continuous expansion and shrinking of building materials, prolonging the life of sheathing layers. They are marked by excellent waterproofing features


Nanotech inside® cool roof products counteract the negative effects of urban heat islands and are an effective tool for combatting global warming



Preparation of the substrate

Provide suitable hot water washing with oscillating head of all surfaces to be treated, keeping the proper distance, in order to remove any loose parts, dust, traces of dirt, smog, etc.

In the presence of algae, apply Lindostop, an antifouling treatment, and take all the necessary precautions to bring the substrate to an ideal state of preparation.

In the event of major damage to the bituminous surface or poor adhesion to it, partially replace the damaged parts (cut and sew). Always check that there are no infiltrations or backwashes of water under the sheath that could compromise the final result.


If, on the other hand, the existing sheath is only eroded by time, provide suitable maintenance with Thermo-Repair, an intermediate fibrous primer capable of reconstructing the eroded parts over time.


After 12 hours on a dry surface, apply a coat of Spot Fix, water-based stain-resistant fixative and insulator.


  • Thermo-Gum, elastomeric, liquid, heat-reflecting membrane, with anti-algae properties, for the protection of bituminous membranes and roofs in general, including concrete. Suitable for sloping or flat roofs with a slight stagnation of water.
  • Thermo-Gum Evolution, polyurethane,  liquid, water-based membrane, with heat-reflecting effect, waterproofing, excellent elasticity and good anti-algae properties. It withstands an operating temperature range of -20°C / + 70°C. Excellent adhesion ideal in extreme environments. Suitable for flat roofs, too.
  • Thermo-Gum Walkable, polyurethane, liquid, water-based membrane, with heat-reflecting effect, waterproofing, good elasticity and good anti-algae properties. It has good trampling resistance properties. Suitable for flat roofs, too.

*Before deciding on an application cycle, please consult our technical datasheets and our staff to verify the actual suitability case by case.