High standards of comfort

High standards of comfort

Nanotech inside® aims to research and develop the best heat-reflecting coating solutions for:

  • opaque vertical walls
  • cool roofs 
  • semi-transparent surfaces
  • finishing cycles for external thermal insulation composite systems 

Improving the standard of well-being in every home and in any building used for civil and industrial use is our priority.


Do you deal with building renovation or are you looking for manufacturers of heat-reflecting paints?

Contact us! Among our products you will find: thermal paint for interiors, heat-reflecting and thermal-insulating treatments for facades and roofs, nanotechnological primer for all surfaces and much more.


We improve the energy performance of any building

We work for and with our customers to provide them with the most adequate solutions in a market that is becoming more and more demanding and aware of energy saving issues. We are committed to innovation, to understanding our customers’ needs and to our suppliers to offer these solutions anywhere and anytime they are needed.

We strongly believe in a world in which nanotechnology represents an asset to the applications in the construction industry and, to be part of this advancement, we want to develop paint that improves energy efficiency in all buildings.


Production is compliant with the highest quality and research standards

What makes a company great is the synergy between the various employees who work closely together. To always be able to meet the market’s needs, the Nanotech inside® team includes many different professionals. Thanks to its managerial culture, the division has achieved important results and in a short time it has become one of the major market players.

Both the employees and the management team work to continually improve performance. Helping employees grow professionally and making them feel valued is a key factor for business development and one of the most important objectives of the company.

Nanotech inside® believes in talent, invests in its employees and, through training and especially motivation, promotes the improvement of working conditions and productivity to guarantee that its production is always compliant with the highest quality and research standards.

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