Heat-reflective paint system for skylights​

This system is particularly suitable for protecting inclined surfaces made of fiberglass, polycarbonate or glass, such as domes of various sizes and parts designed to maintain the correct ratios between the surface area of the windows and the surface area of a room.

The finishing paint lets a large part of the visible light through but prevents from seeing through the surface from both sides. Most of the UV radiation is blocked, while the IR radiation is reflected, thus preventing internal overheating during the summer season.

Fields of application: fiberglass, polycarbonate and glass.

High solar reflectance finishes

High solar reflectance values mean that 90% of UV radiation is blocked and 90% of IR radiation is reflected, thus preventing indoor overheating of treated buildings

Reduced glare

The semi-clear appearance of the applied paint allows transit of a large part of visible light (70%), while ensuring high but diffused light transmission without aggravating glare (90% reduced glare)

Indoor comfort

Thermo-Lux and Thermo-Lux Evolution prevent indoor overheating and make all living and working environments comfortable and cool, preventing the risk of “hot head” syndrome

Energy and cost savings

The extraordinary performance of Thermo-Lux reduces the use of air conditioning systems for cooling purposes meaning tangible energy savings, as well as reduced energy bills.
As a result, CO2 atmospheric emissions are reduced


Nanotech inside®  cool roof products counteract the negative effects of the urban heat islands and are an effective tool for combatting global warming



Preparation of the substrate

  • Wash all the surfaces to be treated with hot water and an oscillating head, keeping the proper distance, in order to remove any loose part, dust, dirt, smog, etc.
  • If any algae is present, apply Lindostop, an antifouling treatment, and take all the necessary precautions to bring the surface to an ideal state of preparation.


In any crack is present, Repair Lux may be used to provide a suitable maintenance. It is a polyurethane restructuring painting with excellent elasticity, ideal for repairing micro-cracks on fiberglass roofs. With an adequate and continuous application, Repair Lux can reconstruct a protective film that makes the surface waterproof, and, at the same time, it has a “restructuring” feature (it is possible to place, between the first and the second coat, a layer of reinforcing gauze to strengthen the system).


After 8 hours, according to special needs or as requested, the following products can be applied

  • Thermo-Lux, modified, semi-transparent, heat-reflecting, water-repellent, anti-algae, acrylic paint for exteriors with high resistance to weather.
  • Thermo-Lux Evolution, semi-transparent, polyurethane, heat-reflecting paint with restructuring effect. Ideal for fiberglass roofs that have worn out by time.

*Before deciding on an application cycle, please consult our technical datasheets and our staff to verify the actual suitability case by case.