Heat-reflecting paint based on nanotechnology


Nanotech inside®, a division of Barozzi group, is a manufacturer of heat-reflecting paint, which guarantees a high standard of comfort and energy efficiency thanks to nanotechnology.

This division is the most advanced expression of the research activities undertaken by the group thanks to nanotechnology.

Using water-based nanotechnological paint guarantees very interesting features and great performance, thanks to the molecules’ smaller size, which optimizes their distribution in the product.

If you need a supply of heat-reflecting paint, thermal paint for interiors or any other of our nanotechnological products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Each product of the Nanotech inside® range has been tested and certified.


The Thermo-Line product range includes heat-reflecting paint, which has innovative features and performs much better than traditional products, especially when it comes to energy efficiency and protection over time. This range also includes high-penetration fixatives for interiors and exteriors, products serving as breathable connecting layers, smoothing pastes with highly insulating properties, heat-reflecting plaster, special water-based paint for cracked walls, nanotechnological paint for the protection of exposed bricks, etc.

Cool materials

The Cool Materials range includes special paint that reflects solar radiation and keeps the surface temperature lower, compared to traditional coatings. The thermal treatments called “cool roof” are suitable for both civil and industrial roofs. This range includes liquid elastomeric membranes, fibre-reinforced primers for bituminous membranes, water-based liquid polyurethane membranes and paint, etc.

Thermo-reflective cycle for sheathed roofs

The thermo-reflective cycle for sheathed roofs aims to protect flat or sloping roofs and bituminous membrane layers from solar radiation. Applying the cycle results in significant enhancement of entire building energy efficiency. The same products may also be used on the following surfaces: bituminous sheaths (smooth or slated), aged TPO and PVC, cement, concrete and many other types. The protective paint supplied by Nanotech inside® is the best thermo-reflective solution for roofs and roofing.

Skylight cycles

Skylights, domes and small cupolas are flat or sloping surfaces that allow venting-lighting inside buildings. To ensure a drastic reduction in internal overheating and make any living and working environment more comfortable and cooler, you can rely on Nanotech inside® for the supply of thermo-reflective cycles. Our semi-clear, sun-protective and water-repellent paints may be applied on fiberglass, polycarbonate and glass surfaces. Reduced glare and enhanced indoor comfort and energy savings are just some of the resulting benefits.

External insulation systems finish

Desirable visual appearance, durability and energy efficiency are the main features marking the thermo-reflective finish for external insulation systems. It means the surface temperature is kept lower than that of a traditional coating; in this way, façades do not overheat, and indoor living comfort is significantly enhanced. It ensures a high level of protection against atmospheric agents, and it may also be made up in strong and bold colours.

ThermoFlex Restore outdoor heat-insulating cycle

ThermoFlex Restore for outdoor use is an efficient maintenance and thermo-restore cycle for old “coating” insulation systems. The products making up the cycle range may also be applied to new insulating systems or traditional façades. The aim is to reduce the thermal and mechanical stresses of the support surface, improving the summer thermal phase and the attenuation phase.

Thermo Restore indoor heat-insulating cycle

Indoor Thermo Restore is an efficient maintenance and restoration cycle for internal wall surfaces, particularly suitable for consolidating damp walls. The restoration program ensures reduction of thermal bridge incidents, as well as providing an action against any spore, mould and fugus proliferation. Levelling and finishing materials offer high performance, as well as enhancing living comfort.

Case Histories

Mohammed Ahmed Al Tayer Mosque, (Dubai)
Logistics Warehouse – Landriano – Pavia (Italy)
Passive House
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