Barozzi Group has contributed to the realisation of Biosafe certified apartments.

All interior walls and ceilings have been painted with A+ certified  Thermo-Paint, which improves all aspects related to humidity and health in the rooms. All these factors contribute to a better living comfort. The use of this special water-based paint together with a mechanical ventilation system guarantees air renewal, humidity control, control of any polluting substance and reduces to a minimum the risk of allergies, rhinitis, neuralgia and other disorders linked to the presence of mould, fine particles and volatile organic compounds.

The exteriors are treated with Thermo-Coat to prevent the overheating of the building and to reduce the use of air conditioning. The high heat-reflecting properties of the product allow the support to have less expansion, thermal and mechanical stress and therefore reduce the risk of cracks on the coating.

The Sweet Home Residence has a minimum energy demand all year round and has chosen Nanotech inside®.




Peschiera del Garda – Garda Lake – Italy


Making the indoor air quality healthier and the building energy efficient at the exteriors


Inside Nano-Fix and Thermo-Paint; outside Thermo-Coll and Thermo-Gum