Restoration and energy efficiency of terraced houses in San Donà di Piave (Venice – Italy) on which there was an old cladding system and a widespread proliferation of algae over the entire surface.

It was decided to intervene with a heat-reflecting system for facades to aesthetically and energetically redevelop the houses and bring a benefit even in the Summer phase (as well as in Winter given by the thermal coat)

First the anti-algae treatment with Lindostop was applied.

Then the Nanofix fixative was applied to consolidate the entire substrate.

Finally, white Nano-Therm, a siloxane water-based paint, heat-reflecting, anti-algae with a smooth finish was applied on a plaster support. An excellent filling of the porosities was noted.

The buildings treated with the heat-reflecting system immediately showed evident benefits and a reduction in the heat measured on the surfaces (31 ° C).

See for yourself the data measured on a sunny day, with an external temperature of 32 ° C, and compare them with those measured on the same substrate treated with a traditional finish (43 ° C).




San Donà di Piave (Ve) – Italy


Heat-reflective paint application in dark colour


Lindostop, Nanofix, Nano-Therm